Take your wireless network further


To effectively deliver true wireless broadband with high QoE (quality of experience) a network needs the knowledge of it’s customer’s real time experience with an always on simulated testing solution.

Piervin maintains and delivers Always-On simulated testing solutions to eliminate the infrastructure gap of only being able to test or recreate customer experience with a test engineer on site. Piervin simply provides your network with the ability to quickly identify where the problems in your network are and how your user’s experience is impacted. If you are looking for a solution to eliminate your inability to test a remote end user experience
after major network changes then you are at your search’s end.

Piervin provides global simulated network testing for your wired and wireless network, as well as enhanced performance statistics of traffic through your core, distribution and access layers. No more worries. No more assumptions of network performance. Just a reliable network and facility status for your
distributed network whenever you need it.