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What is an End User Experience?

The Piervin Simulated End User Experience solution provides the ability to track the health of
the wireless network by providing periodic status of a user’s network usage experience through an
infrastructure’s core network using simulated network traffic generated by the Piervin’s Watchdog.
Watchdog is an always on physical appliance installed at the edge of your wireless/wired network
to generate periodic use experience tests through your network for monitoring, reporting and
troubleshooting purposes.

Why an always on End User Experience testing?

The Piervin Watchdog generates periodic session tests while attached to a network wireless
access point simulating a user’s network experience. This immediately eliminates the fear of not
understanding how a user experience is through parts of your network where you do not have
management access. A great result of having Watchdog successfully installed at the ends
of your network is a considerable reduction in truck rolls to perform tests during and after
major network maintenance or during an outage scenario.

A few of the simulated tests performed by Watchdog are;

  • Internet Speed Test
  • Wireless portal load time
  • Loss
  • Jitter
  • Latency

End User Experience Architecture

Jitter, Loss, Latency
The Piervin Watchdog generates a 5 minute periodic MOS score of the customers Quality
of Experience on the network connection by assembling the test results of Speed, Jitter, Loss and Latency
between the simulated test device installed behind an Access Point and the Wireless Gateway.
The test results are subsequently uploaded to an external monitoring tool for reporting.

Internet Speed Test
The Watchdog performs an internet network speed test through the access point, shared
core network and the wireless gateway to an external ftp test server eg. Ookla (
This test is performed every 5 minutes and the results are immediately uploaded to an external
monitoring server compiled with other tests from the same Watchdog WD-110 to represent the true
network health in the path from the user device through to the wireless gateway.

Wireless Portal Load Time
The load time of the Wireless Portal through the wireless core network is critical to the health of the wireless
business as the delay of the load time of the portal is the first experience of a new user on a wireless network.
The Piervin Watchdog performs a periodic test on how long it takes to load a wifi portal for a user who
is attached to the wireless access point. This test is performed every 5 minutes after which the results are
immediately uploaded to an external monitoring server compiled with other tests from the same Watchdog
to represent the true portal latency between the user equipment and the wireless portal.

Benefit to the Operator

Deploying Piervin’s Watchdog always-on simulated test generator to the edge of a network provides a
network service provider unimaginable benefits. A few of the benefits are; Remove infrastructure visibility
gaps, better understand your infrastructure, monitoring end-to-end network performance across a complex
architecture, pinpoint issues in real-time, no matter what the infrastructure size or scale, real-time
customer experience and reduced troubleshooting truck rolls.

Benefit: Remove visibility gaps
In most networks different segments are managed by different teams, and while the service being
delivered traverses several parts of your network where you do not have management privileges
to, the Watchdog provides you the visibility of your user’s experience over all traversed segments.
Using the Watchdog to generate simulated traffic which provides self reporting statistics through
your network helps remove gaps in knowledge of your network health.

Benefit: Better Understanding of your infrastructure
Wondering how your network infrastructure manages traffic is often times different from how traffic
moves within your network at any part of the day. With simulated traffic monitoring from Watchdog
you will understand the heartbeat of your network within all the segments of the infrastructure.

Benefit: monitoring end-to-end network performance across a complex architecture
The approach of monitoring the health of network components to gauge the health of user experience is very
important however, does not register to be the same as monitoring actual customer end to end network
performance as delivered by Piervin’s Watchdog.