Realtime on-shift location and task tracking of your resident and remote employees across the globe. HrClock also provides the employee the ability to create text and video logs of activities during the work day. HrClock also uses the Piervin Technologies facial recognition cloud application to automatically validate an employee without any manual intervention.

What is HrClock?

HrClock is an employee time management tool used by employers with businesses servicing clients in multiple locations. HrClock gives the clearest confirmation that the right employee is at the right location at the time scheduled or not.

A few of the features included in the HrClock solution are;

  • gps check-in
  • employee location validation
  • video work log
  • employee biometrics authentication
  • employee time off request and management

GPS Check-in:

From the employee's mobile device, the clock-in feature allows an employee to clock-in to work at any designated location while automatically sharing their GPS location of the employee's mobile device with the HrClock Cloud API. This location info is only visible to the manager or time manager who reviews employees hours of wor to enable timesheet completion and payroll processing.

Employee Location Validation:

When managing employees who work in multiple locations, it is important to have other abilities to prove that the assigned employee at a location is the actual employee who clocks in at the designated location. Most companies simply assign GPS dongles to employees and calculate what times they arrive at the designated location. This legacy method has no confirmation of the actual employee at the location. HrClock's Employee Location Validation awards the Time Manager the ability to remotely validate the employee without any human or manual intervention.

Video Work Log:

HrClock's mobile application enables the employee to create and submit video logs of activities which occured during the employee's shift. This feature comes in handy when the employee works in a seperate location from the employee's manager who may appreciate a quick end of shit summary of activities. An additional function on the Video Work Log enables the employee to flag if there was an incident during the shift.

Employee Biometrics Authentication:

When enabled for a team's use the HrClock facial recognition api uses the employee's picture taken at clock-in to match an existing validated picture of the same employee to prove that the employee is exactly who is clocking in.

Employee time off request and management:

HrClock provides an employee and her employer the ease in managing and tracking time off allorted, requested and taken. An employee using the HrClock mobile app can request vacation or personal time off within the employee team's policy guidelines. The employee can review all time off taken and what balances are available. The manager has a web dashboard to review and approve any time-off requests submitted by the employee on their mobile devices.