Local and remote refrigerator temperature monitoring, threshold alerting and automated report distribution round the clock. Piervin tOne eliminates the limitation of tracking your refrigerator temperature by staff during working hours.

What is Piervin tOne(t-One)?

Product Summary

The Piervin tOne temperature sensor is a networked temperature and humidity sensor with the unique ability to notify your team of temperature changes without the need to make periodic trips to your refrigerator, freezer or cold storage chamber for the sole purpose of recording temperature.

Product Components

Piervin tOne consists of 3 components which are;

- the temperature sensor installed in the refrigerator

- the wireless gateway which sends sensor data to the Piervin cloud and

- remote monitoring, alerting and reporting engine

The temperature and humidity sensor is installed inside the refrigerator or cooling chamber and either cabled or wirelessly connected to the gateway. The gateway is responsible for collecting temperature and humidity data from more than one sensor installed in a 200 square feet chamber and sends the readings to the Piervin cloud.

The Piervin cloud hosts the remote reporting, alerting and monitoring engine. These functions allow a client to review temperature readings over time, receive email and sms alerts when temperature thresholds are breached. A client may also receive periodic daily, weekly or monthly email reports of temperature performance.

What makes Piervin tOne(t-one) Different?

Blockchain Ledger

The Piervin tOne temperature sensor data is all stored on a block chain ledger hosted in the IBM cloud. The benefits of this to your business is trust, security and peace of mind that at any time no one can manipulate your temperature results.

Advanced Network

The Piervin tOne provides multiple network connectivity options to connect multiple sensors together, to the gateway and to the internet. The available options include Ethernet, Bluetooth Low Energy, Serial, Wi-Fi, and 6LoWPAN. These connectivity technologies are employed based on the specifications of the refrigerator.

Data Reliability

The Piervin tOne provides sensor data reliability both locally and in the cloud. The Piervin tOne gateway will continue to collect sensor data and store it locally even after cloud network connectivity is severed, and back the local data into the cloud automatically when network connectivity is restored. This paved the way for our advance mobile implementation. Also the data in the cloud is stored on hosted databased in San Jose, New York and London which eliminates the single point of failure. In addition all sensor data is stored in a block chain ledger which makes it almost impossible to lose any collected sensor data.