Piervin Technologies

We design, build, deliver and maintain end-to-end software, hardware and networked solutions with integration to any system. We also provide software engineering research assistance services.

Our Core Features

Deep Learning

In order to keep your lead position in your current industry, we know you are thinking about or working on deep learning technologies. New start-ups are using industry and product deep learning technologies to catchup and outpace existing industry leads who at this time do not have a deep learning framework. Build a powerful brain to get the most of your rich data. Piervin leverages the power of machine learning and natural language processing technologies to classify documents and help you sift through documents with powerful analytics.

Accomplished Team

The Engineers at Piervin have worked on products and in industries which touch a part of your daily life. From assisting with research for the recent Paris climate accord, to turning up the national wireless network backbone and access authentication infrastructure for a U.S. MSO to developing start-ups and guiding them through funding process on three continents. The team at Piervin are also responsible for developing technologies which have aided in a few of the recent historical political accomplishments.


Piervin is your one stop shop for any software research and development however, integrating multiple softwares together is what gives arms, legs and reach to a solution. Also instead of building everything from scratch we believe it is fair to pay back so we enjoy integration and reusability. Our team has experience deploying products integrated with IBM Watson and IBM Node-Red. We are also familiar with TensorFlow, ONNX-ML, Caffe2 and PyTorch.

What we offer

Every business problem needs a smart cost effective solution. Piervin provides the best solution for your needs regardless of scope. We have the know how both proven and cutting edge.

Formidable Partner

At Piervin we join you with your idea from concept, and work with you through architecture, design, development till we are both satisfied with the end product, or pick up at any stage along the way. We also provide assistance in identifying and mitigating software and infrastructure bottlenecks.

Engineering Research

When of integrating a current solution with newer or available technologies, Piervin helps you research which tools best suite your needs. We can assist you in integrating deep learning and artificial intelligence for purposes of voice and visual recognition and impression assessments. Find exciting opportunities in your existing operations data with Piervin.

Managed Services

With access to a team of highly trained and experienced engineers who are always on hand to ensure that your infrastructure is available and ready when you and your team need it. Our team works in almost 90% of all standard time-zones.

What we've built


Local and remote refrigerator temperature monitoring, threshold alerting and automated report distribution round the clock. Piervin tOne eliminates the limitation of tracking your refrigerator temperature by staff during working hours.


Realtime on-shift location and task tracking of your resident and remote employees across the globe. HrClock also provides the employee the ability to create text and video logs of activities during the work day. HrClock also uses the Piervin Technologies facial recognition cloud application to automatically validate an employee without any manual intervention.

The Company We Keep

We work with companies shaping the human experience.

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