Piervin Technologies Partner Companies

We have had the privilege of working for and partnering with coompanies that have a strong track record of innovation and shaping the human experience. Companies such as: Dubtel, Thomson Reuters, Bank of America, Cisco, Dell, DigitalOcean, MySQL, Digium, MEMSQL, Royal Bank of Scotland, Juniper Networks, Charter Spectrum, Google, CentOS, PaltoAlto Networks, KGN Petroleum, UFC Technology, MUFG, SevOne, Alcatel Lucent, NetScout, Android, IBM, Lloyds Bank, Genesis Contractor Solutions, Verizon, SmartThings, Trello and more.

What we've built


Local and remote refrigerator temperature monitoring, threshold alerting and automated report distribution round the clock. Piervin tOne eliminates the limitation of tracking your refrigerator temperature by staff during working hours.


Realtime on-shift location and task tracking of your resident and remote nurses accross the globe. Halfbrain also provides two-way voice and video communication with automated video and voice recognition for identity validation.